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Status page subscription notification changes

NeSI uses its System Status page as a tool to communicate planned and unplanned maintenance and interruptions to service. Our Status page includes a list of components that reflect high-level functional aspects of NeSI's platforms and services, as well as a more specific detailed list covering different platform elements.

Recently, we made adjustments to our Status page's default notification settings to balance timely notice of planned and unplanned issues against superfluous or unsolicited noise.

Now, instead of automatically subscribing new users for all notifications, we will initially only subscribe you to receive status notices about the following key components:

  • Submit new HPC Jobs - notices regarding status of login nodes, Slurm scheduler, or filesystem
  • Jobs running on HPC - notices regarding network issues, or status of Slurm scheduler or filesystem
  • Jupyter on NeSI - notices regarding the status of our Jupyter Service for interactive computing
  • HPC Storage - notices regarding the status of storage resources on NeSI systems

Effective Friday 20 October, we adjusted all existing and non-customised Status page subscriptions to match this shorter notification list.

This change ensures you receive the most relevant and high value information by push notification, while leaving the option available for you to subscribe to more specific updates.

Customise your notifications

You can subscribe to and unsubscribe from components at any time, allowing you to customise your status notifications based on which components you are using or most interested in at the time. Visit our Managing Notification Preferences page for instructions.


If you have any questions regarding System Status notifications or other NeSI services, contact our Support Team at any time.