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How can I give read-only team members access to my files?

Not all projects have read-only groups created by default. If your project has a read-only group created after the project itself was created, you will need to add appropriate access control lists (ACLs) to each of your files and directories within the project or nobackup directory.

To do this, you can use the script nn_add_to_acls_recursively. The following commands explain how to do this;  when running the commands, replace nesi12345 and nesi12345r with your project code and read-only project code respectively.


If this process is interrupted part-way through, for example due to your computer going to sleep and losing its connection to your NeSI terminal session, your files can end up in a bad way. For this reason please run all the following commands in a screen or tmux session.

  1. Prepare a file containing the ACL to add. Ensure you include the mask line. Note that the script will not remove any of the existing ACL, except for overwriting existing lines that are the same, up to the second colon, as one of the new lines you ask to add.

    echo "mask::rwxc" > acl_to_add.txt
    echo "group:nesi12345r:r-x-" >> acl_to_add.txt
  2. Check that the contents of the file are correct.

    cat acl_to_add.txt
  3. Carry out the ACL change. You can specify a subdirectory instead if, as may well be the case, you don't want to trawl through the entirety of /nesi/project/nesi12345 or /nesi/nobackup/nesi12345.

    nn_add_to_acls_recursively -f acl_to_add.txt /nesi/project/nesi12345
  4. Check the resulting ACLs, for example:

    /usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmgetacl /nesi/project/nesi12345/some_dir
    /usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmgetacl -d /nesi/project/nesi12345/some_dir

    We suggest to check at least one subdirectory, at least one executable file (if there is one) and at least one non-executable file.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for other directories within /nesi/project/nesi12345 and /nesi/nobackup/nesi12345, with the necessary modifications.

  6. Optionally, remove your ACL file.

    rm acl_to_add.txt
  7. Optionally, exit the screen or tmux session when you are finished.