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Requesting to renew an allocation via

How to raise a request using

  1. Login to and select a project from the list.
  2. Click the Plus button icon 'action' next to the compute allocation line item 
  3. Verify the preset values and add a comment in case you update some.
    Finally, click 'Submit' mceclip2.png

Can I request any allocation size?

If you are requesting a new allocation of computing resources, we will look at your usage history and come up with an estimated allocation size and duration based on that history. If you think your rate of usage will be substantially higher or lower than we estimate, you should let us know what you think your rate of usage will be and why you expect it to differ from our forecast.

Please be aware that:

  • First and subsequent allocations are subject to the NeSI allocation size and duration limits in force at the time they are considered by our reviewers.
  • An allocation from an institution's entitlement is subject to approval by that institution.

See Project Extensions and New Allocations on Existing Projects for more details.