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Introductory Material

If you are new to NeSI, short introductory lectures are available on YouTube here to help get you started on the systems. These videos are open to anyone interested in learning more about High Performance Computing (HPC) using NeSI, prior to getting a NeSI account.

The recordings present an overview of NeSI systems and the HPC platforms' capabilities, available software and environment modules, best practice procedures, common commands for submitting jobs, and optimising your work on the system.

Slides used in the lectures can be found here.

Other ways to get 'Introductory' help

In addition to the material mentioned above, you can also seek help at our weekly "Office Hours" or by attending a Workshop. Office hours are drop-in sessions hosted by the NeSI Support Team where any and all questions are welcome. Our Office Hours schedule can be found here.

NeSI also participates in and organises Workshops covering a range of topics. Many of these workshops - and particularly "Introduction to HPC using NeSI", are designed for new users.

Finally, If you wish to schedule a live zoom introductory session covering introductory material (perhaps useful for research groups), please Contact our Support Team and we can advise you on our availability.