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Where should I store my data on NeSI systems?

Frequency of data being read Frequency of data being written Recommended option
Often Often (at least once every two months) Store in your /nobackup/<projectcode> directory (but ensure key result data is copied to the persistent project directory).
Often Seldom Store in your /project/<projectcode> directory.
Seldom Seldom Apply for an allocation to use NeSI’s long-term storage service or store elsewhere (e.g. at your institution).

In general, the project directory should be used for reference data, tools, and job submission and management scripts. The nobackup directory should be used for holding large reference working datasets (e.g., an extraction of compressed input data) and as a destination for writing and modifying temporary data. The nobackup directory can also be used to build and edit code, provided that the code is under version control and changes are regularly checked into upstream revision control systems. The long-term storage service should be used for larger datasets that you only access occasionally and do not need to change in situ.