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Subscriber Monthly Usage Reports

As part of NeSI’s service agreements, we provide Subscribers with monthly usage reports. They provide a monthly view of chargeable usage (as well as any Merit / non-chargeable usage) across all platform services:

  • Compute - CPUs

  • Compute - GPUs

  • Storage - Persistent (active project storage)

  • Storage - Nearline (long-term storage)

We send these usage report emails via our NeSI Support portal so that our team has better visibility internally of our monthly check-ins and we can more easily loop in others to answer technical questions or follow up on system-related requests.

The monthly emails also include any timely updates on other NeSI news or training events that would be of interest to your research community.

How to read your Subscriber Usage Report

A new tab is added to the report for each month, making it easy to view, reference, and compare recent and past usage.

  • At the top of each tab is a summary of the contract, indicating the:

  • Term of agreement (contract start and end dates)

    • Maximum contracted value

    • Value of services utilised to date

  • Usage for each service is shown in the corresponding sections below

  • In cases where a service has differently priced resources (eg. Compute pricing varies across our CPU and GPU resources), we will also indicate additional information (eg. “Type of CPU” and “Type of GPU”) so you have a breakdown of what usage contributes to the total chargeable costs that month. See the Pricing section above for more information on our service pricing.

  • To showcase full value delivered through NeSI services, our reports will also show usage that is not chargeable (eg. Merit usage). This is shown simply for information purposes and is not included or reflected on invoices.

Usage reports generally ready to view by the middle of the following month. So, for example, January usage will appear as a new tab by mid- to late February.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned on this page, don’t hesitate to get in touch.