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Contact Support release notes v2.18.0

Release Update - 07 November 2023

New and Improved

  • A link to NeSI's privacy policy has been added to the bottom of all pages of my.nesi environment
  • We've shifted from using Tuakiri's RapidConnect service to Tuakiri's OpenID Connect bridge to improve overall security of my.nesi's user authentication process.
  • We've updated the display features of the table showing Merit grants available to researchers in order to improve our ability to make changes and future updates to the table's information.


  • Fixed a crash that used to occur when a user wanted to join a project on my.nesi and delete an entry within that project.
  • Fixed a security vulnerability in the my.nesi environment related to the libwebp library, a code library used to render and display images in the WebP format.
  • Updated the allocation request form's end date message, restricting allocation requests to no further than one year in the future.
  • Changed which system components from NeSI's System Status page are default notifications emailed to users. Users can customise their system status email notifications at any time. Read more about that here.

If you have any questions about any of the improvements or fixes, please Contact our Support Team.