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Slurm upgrade to version 21.8

  • Added --me option, equivalent to--user=$USER.
  • Added "pendingtime" as a option for --Format.
  • Put sorted start times of "N/A" or 0 at the end of the list.
  • Add time specification: "now-" (i.e. subtract from the present)
  • AllocGres and ReqGres were removed. Alloc/ReqTres should be used instead. 
  • MAGNETIC flag on reservations. Reservations the user doesn't have to even request.
  • The LicensesUsed line has been removed from scontrol show config . Please use updated scontrol show licenses command as an alternative.
  • --threads-per-core now influences task layout/binding, not just allocation.
  • --gpus-per-node can be used instead of --gres=GPU
  • --hint=nomultithread can now be replaced with --threads-per-core=1
  • The inconsistent terminology and environment variable naming for Heterogeneous Job ("HetJob") support has been tidied up.
  • The correct term for these jobs are "HetJobs", references to "PackJob"   have been corrected.
  • The correct term for the separate constituent jobs are "components",   references to "packs" have been corrected.
  • Added support for an "Interactive Step", designed to be used with salloc to launch a terminal on an allocated compute node automatically. Enable by setting "use_interactive_step" as part of LaunchParameters.
  • By default, a step started with srun will be granted exclusive (or non- overlapping) access to the resources assigned to that step. No other parallel step will be allowed to run on the same resources at the same time. This replaces one facet of the '--exclusive' option's behavior, but does not imply the '--exact' option described below. To get the previous default behavior - which allowed parallel steps to share all resources - use the new srun '--overlap' option.
  • In conjunction to this non-overlapping step allocation behavior being the new default, there is an additional new option for step management '--exact', which will allow a step access to only those resources requested by the step. This is the second half of the '--exclusive' behavior. Otherwise, by default all non-gres resources on each node in the allocation will be used by the step, making it so no other parallel step will have access to those resources unless both steps have specified '--overlap'.
  • New command which permits crontab-compatible job scripts to be defined. These scripts will recur automatically (at most) on the intervals described.