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Contact Support release notes 02/06/2022

Release Update - 2. June 2022

New and Improved

  • Updated JupyterLab version to v3.4.2
  • Updated RStudio-on-NeSI (v0.22.5): fix library path when using NeSI R package in RStudio (e.g. R-bundle-Bioconductor)
  • Plotly extension re-added (missing in the previous release)
  • Added papermill extension
  • Updated NeSI Virtual Desktop to v2.4.1
    • Image changes
      • Update default Firefox version.
      • Update to use singularity 3.8.5.
      • Switched to rocky8 image.
      • Added chrome, strace, sview and xfce-terminal to image.
      • Added some libraries need for ANSYS
      • Added missing GLX libraries.
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed faulty startup messages
      • Fixed entrypoint duplication issue.
      • unset SLURM_EXPORT_ENV before starting desktop.
    • Refactoring
      • Removed dependency on system vdt repo.
      • Removed faulty & unneeded bind paths.
      • Removed debug by default and hardcoded verbose.
      • replaced VDT_HOME with XDG equiv