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Māui Slurm Partitions


Partitions on these systems that may be used for NeSI workloads carry the prefix nesi_.

Māui (XC50) Slurm Partitions

Nodes are not shared between jobs on Māui, so the minimum charging unit is node-hours, where 1 node-hour is 40 core-hours, or 80 Slurm CPU-hours.

There is only one partition available to NeSI jobs:

 Name  Nodes Max Walltime Avail / Node Max / Account Description
nesi_research 316 24 hours 80 CPUs 90 or 180 GB RAM 240 nodes 1200 node-hours running Standard partition for all NeSI jobs.


As a consequence of the above limit on the node-hours reserved by your running jobs (GrpTRESRunMins in Slurm documentation, shown in squeue output when you hit it as the reason "AssocGrpCPURunMinutes" ) you can occupy more nodes simultaneously if your jobs request a shorter time limit:

nodes hours node-hours limits reached
1 24 24 24 hours
50 24 1200 1200 node-hours, 24 hours
100 12 1200 1200 node-hours
240 5 1200 1200 node-hours, 240 nodes
240 1 240 240 nodes

Most of the time job priority will be the most important influence on how long your jobs have to wait - the above limits are just backstops to ensure that Māui's resources are not all committed too far into the future, so that debug and other higher-priority jobs can start reasonably quickly.

Debug QoS

Each job has a "QoS", with the default QoS for a job being determined by the allocation class of its project. Specifying --qos=debug will override that and give the job high priority, but is subject to strict limits: 15 minutes per job, and only 1 job at a time per user. Debug jobs are limited to 2 nodes.

Māui_Ancil (CS500) Slurm Partitions

Name Nodes Max Walltime Avail / Node Max / Job Max / User Description
nesi_prepost 4 24 hours 80 CPUs 720 GB RAM 20 CPUs 700 GB RAM 80 CPUs 700 GB RAM Pre and post processing tasks.
nesi_gpu 4 to 5 72 hours 4 CPUs 12 GB RAM 1 P100 GPU* 4 CPUs 12 GB RAM 1 P100 GPU 4 CPUs 12 GB RAM 1 P100 GPU GPU jobs and visualisation. 
nesi_igpu 0 to 1 2 hours 4 CPUs 12 GB RAM 1 P100 GPU* 4 CPUs 12 GB RAM 1 P100 GPU 4 CPUs 12 GB RAM 1 P100 GPU Interactive GPU access 7am - 8pm.

* NVIDIA Tesla P100 PCIe 12GB card

Requesting GPUs

Nodes in the nesi_gpu partition have 1 P100 GPU card each. You can request it using:

#SBATCH --partition=nesi_gpu
#SBATCH --gpus-per-node=1

Note that you need to specify the name of the partition.  You also need to specify a number of CPUs and amount of memory small enough to fit on these nodes.

See GPU use on NeSI for more details about Slurm and CUDA settings.