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Long-Term Storage - Nearline release notes v1.1.0.14


Released 5 November 2020.

This release includes the following changes:

  • nlls, nlget, nlpurge, nlput and nljobstatus now come with a debug mode, accessible via the --debug command line switch.
  • Help documentation, as well as the usage message when a nearline command is run with incorrect arguments, has been improved.
  • nljobstatus now includes more comprehensive job status information. In particular, the job status message now includes a brief description of the stage the job is up to, and whether the job is at that moment pending (waiting in a queue to start the next operation), running, or complete.
  • The nlls command's -ls switch has been replaced with -s, though -ls still works, being interpreted as equivalent to -l -s. nlls also now comes with a -b switch, for reporting individual sizes in bytes instead of in human-readable sizes.
  • nltraverse has been improved, and now reports file sizes, and sums of file sizes, in bytes, for greater accuracy and ease of comparison with the output of ls.
  • There have been numerous other bug fixes to improve performance and reduce the risk of unexpected failures and errors.