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Globus V5 endpoint activation

Activating an Endpoint

When you select an endpoint to transfer data to/from, you may be asked to authenticate with that endpoint:

Transfers are only possible once you have supplied credentials that authenticate your access to the endpoint. This process is known as "activating the endpoint".  The endpoint remains active for 24 hours.  

The NeSI Wellington DTN V5 endpoint is protected by a second factor authentication (2FA-same as accessing NeSI clusters).  In the 'Username' field, enter your Māui/Mahuika username. In the 'Password' field, your Password will be equal to Login Password (First Factor) + Authenticator Code (Second Factor) e.g. password123456. (Do not use any additional characters or spaces between your password and the token number.)


Check the status of your endpoints at

Managing Endpoint Activation

If a transfer is in progress and will not finish in time before your credentials expire, that transfer will pause and you will need to reauthenticate for it to continue.