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Checking your project's usage using nn_corehour_usage

To check your project's usage of Slurm-managed resources, you can use the command nn_corehour_usage. This command displays usage of cluster resources by a specific project, computed from the Slurm program sreport.


nn_corehour_usage [OPTIONS...] PROJECT_CODE...


nn_corehour_usage shows a month-by-month breakdown of how the specified project or projects have used Slurm resources. Some resources, like disk space, are not managed by Slurm and so are excluded. Included resources are CPU time, RAM time (also known as memory time) and GPU time.


-c, --calendar-months

Break usage down so that the time periods are the first and last days of the calendar months, instead
of working back a month at a time from today.

-n, --number-of-months=NUM

Show NUM months back from today. Used in conjunction with -c, will show NUM complete months plus the partial month up to when the command is run. Default is 12 months. The results will not go further back than when the cluster commenced operations.

-u, --user=USERNAME

Display results for the user USERNAME. The default user is the current user.

Treat all subsequent entries on the command line, including those starting with a dash (-), as arguments instead of as options.


To print the last year of project nesi12345:

nn_corehour_usage nesi12345

To print the last six complete calendar months of project nesi12345:

nn_corehour_usage -c -n 6 nesi12345